SNEP-DB: Stanley Integrated Neurogenomic Pathology Database

Welcome to SNEP-DB!

Biological mechanisms by which the SNPs contribute to the development of the psychiatric diseases are unknown. QTL analysis is a useful approach to expanding the interpretability of genetic effects on disease phenotypes. SNEP-DB aims to reveal the functional architecture of psychological disorders by analyzing the QTL associations between genotype and various quantitative phenotypes from brain data collected from the Stanley Medical Research Institute and further integrating the results with GWAS results from the Psychiatric Genomics Consortium.

In SNEP-DB, users can:

  • Browse, search and download eQTL associations between genotypes and gene expression profiles.
  • Browse, search and download isoQTL associations between genotypes and transcript-level expression profiles.
  • Browse, search and download markerQTL associations between genotypes and pathology marker experiment.
  • Find the overlaps between associations and discover the hidden links in psychiatric disorders.
  • Overall statistics
  • eQTL associations
  • isoQTL associations
  • markerQTL associations
  • GWAS associations
  • SNPs
  • Genes with associations
  • Transcripts with associations
  • Pathology markers